2016 Summary

Thanks to all who took part in the 2016 Digital Most Needed DXCC Entity survey. This year there were 716 entries from all six continents (North America 463, Europe 160, Asia 54, South America 16, Oceania 15 and Africa 10). This is double the number of entries from 2011.

The survey team consisted of three members – Don Hill (AA5AU), Ed Muns (W0YK), and Larry Gauthier (K8UT). Larry already had the survey built and saved in LimeSurvey from 2011, so after minor changes he was able to have it ready in just a matter of minutes.

This is the 4th time this survey has published the results on aa5au.com. This year, the survey name was changed from “RTTY” to “Digital”. This was done to bring the survey more in line with the ARRL Digital DXCC award.

It wasn’t until after we had announced the survey that we found out that ClubLog has the ability to generate “Most Needed” lists by mode (CW, Phone, Data). We decided to compare our results to those of the ClubLog “Data” list. One major difference between our survey and ClubLog is that ClubLog only includes contacts that are “confirmed”. Our survey is based on contacts “worked”. This explains why after recent operations from Heard Island, South Sandwich Island, South Georgia Island and Juan de Nova Island, those entities are ranked higher in ClubLog.

Because of human error, it is believed that our survey has a margin of error as high as 10%. This is based on errors we found in the results. Since this is across the board, we feel it does not take away from the accuracy of entity rankings. Ideally, the most accurate “Most Needed” lists would be ones generated by the ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW). We reached out to the ARRL and were told a “Most Needed” list is at least a year away.

It’s no surprising that the top 3 needed entities in 2011 are the same in 2016 – Scarborough Reef BS7, Bouvet 3Y/B, and Crozet FT5W. Scarborough Reef was activated only briefly on RTTY in 2007 (BS7H). Bouvet was last active on RTTY in 2001 (3Y0C). It’s not clear when the last time Crozet was active on the digital modes. Glenn, VA3DX, reported working FT5WH on RTTY in April 1999. I was able to work two operators on Crozet on RTTY within 3 minutes of each other. I remember it well. Early one morning right at sunrise in April of 1996, I found FT5WF calling CQ longpath on 20 meters. It was a little strange because he was the only signal on the band and no one else called him but me. After making the contact, the operator told me to stand by for FT5WE. I then worked FT5WE (probably from the same station). It was grayline propagation at its best and it lasted long enough for us to have a ragchew. Both operators were stationed there and they were moderately active on RTTY. Now it’s the 3rd most needed entity on the digital modes.

Several entities in the top 20 in 2011 are no longer there in 2016 due to activations. These include Malpelo HK0/M (2012), Navassa KP1 (2015), South Sandwich VP8S (2016), Yemen 7O (2012), Heard Island VK0/H (2016), Auckland & Campbell Island ZL9 (2012), Eritrea E3 (2016), and Palmayra KH5 (2016). Kingman Reef, KH5K, which was ranked 14th is 2011, was deleted and is now part of Palmyra KH5. Even though there was activity from Macquarie in 2012 by Trevor, VK0TH, mainly on JT65, it only dropped VK0/M from 5th to 12th.

Of the entities that replaced those that moved out of the top 20, North Korea P5 moved from 28th in 2011 to 7th. Turkmenistan moved from 31st to 8th. Pratas Island BV9P moved from 29th to 9th. Kure Island KH7 moved from 35th to 10th. Johnston Island KH3 moved from 13th in 2011 to 5th. Rumors of a KH3 activation in 2016 by members of the K5P team have been floating around. The last KH3 RTTY operation may have been AH3D in 2003 and it did little to move KH3 out of the top 20 (it was 15th in 2002).

Other upward movers were Baker & Howland Islands KH1 from 36 to 13, Glorioso FR/G from 51 to 14, Syria YK from 72 to 15, Peter I 3Y/P from 74 to 17, Myanmar from 39 to 18, Macao from 50 to 19 and Aves Island YV0 from 84 to 20.

With rumors of a BS7 operation in the next year or two, will this be the last time we see Scarborough Reef at the top of the list? We can only hope as Scarborough Reef is the last one needed for many. As of May 2016, no one has yet to make #1 Honor Roll on Digital according to the ARRL Honor Roll listing.

Below is a table showing top 10 entities in our survey and in ClubLog for May 16, 2016.

2016 AA5AU Team Survey
Rank Top 10 All Entries Asia Europe North America
1 BS7 – Scarborough Reef 3Y/B – Bouvet Island BS7 – Scarborough Reef BS7 – Scarborough Reef
2 3Y/B – Bouvet Island FT5W – Crozet KH3 – Johnston Island 3Y/B – Bouvet Island
3 FT5W – Crozet SVA – Mount Athos 3Y/B – Bouvet Island FT5W – Crozet
4 ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is. 4U/UN – United Nations HQ FT5W – Crozet ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is.
5 KH3 – Johnston Island CY0 – Sable Island ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is. FT5X – Kerguelen
6 FT5X – Kerguelen YV0 – Aves Island KH7K – Kure Island EZ – Turkmenistan
7 P5 – North Korea ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is. T31 – Central Kiribati P5 – North Korea
8 EZ – Turkmenistan BS7 – Scarborough Reef CE0X – San Felix Island BV9P – Pratas Island
9 BV9P – Pratas Island VP8S – South Sandwich P5 – North Korea FR/G – Glorioso
10 KH7K – Kure Island KP5 – Desecheo Island KH1 – Baker & Howland Is. YK – Syria
2016 ClubLog (taken on May 16, 2016)
Rank  Top 10 All Entries Asia Europe  North America
1 BS7 – Scarborough Reef 3Y/B – Bouvet Island BS7 – Scarborough Reef BS7 – Scarborough Reef
2 3Y/B – Bouvet Island CY0 – Sable Island FT5W – Crozet FT5W – Crozet
3 FT5W – Crozet VP8S – South Sandwich 3Y/B – Bouvet Island 3Y/B – Bouvet Island
4 ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is. FT5W – Crozet KH3 – Johnston Island ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is.
5 KH3 – Johnston Island 4U/UN – United Nations HQ ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is. EZ – Turkmenistan
6 EZ – Turkmenistan YV0 – Aves Island KH7K – Kure Island FT5X – Kerguelen
7 KH7K – Kure Island ZS8 – Pr. Edward & Marion Is. T31 – Central Kiribati YK – Syria
8 FT5X – Kerguelen 8R – Guyana KH5 – Palmyra & Jarvis Is. FR/G – Glorioso
9 BV9P – Pratas Island 3C – Equatorial Guinea EZ – Turkmenistan P5 – North Korea
10 T31 – Central Kiribati SV/A – Mount Athos CE0X – San Felix Island XX9 – Macau

GL with Digital DX,