2011 Summary

The results of the 2011 RTTY Most Wanted DXCC Entities Survey are now compiled.  I want to thank Larry Gauthier, K8UT,  for hosting the survey form on the SouthEast Michigan DX Association (SEMDXA) website.  Larry created the web form and compiled the results using LimeSurvey.  He did an excellent job.  Thanks Larry!  Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.  Hopefully, those looking go to on DXpeditions can use this list to evaluate the needs of the RTTY community.

In 2011, there were 352 responses to the survey compared to 359 in 2005 and 246 in 2002.  I believe we were able to get an accurate look at what is most wanted on RTTY.

It’s no surprise that Scarborough Reef is still #1.  According to the BS7H website, the only RTTY operation from Scarborough Reef, which occurred in 2007, netted only 268 RTTY QSOs on 15 meters and 54 RTTY QSOs on 20 meters (total of 322 RTTY QSOs).  It does not say how many unique callsigns were worked.  Remarkably, it appears that none of the operators that needed only BS7H to have them all on RTTY worked them.  According to the ARRL DXCC RTTY/Digital Honor Roll listing, no one has confirmed all 340 countries on RTTY yet (as of 9/24/2014).

73, Don AA5AU