3L SteppIR Refurb 2018

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In early February 2018, my converted 2-element SteppIR yagi failed. The cause of the failure was due to blockage by debris in the fiberglass tubes. This blockage allowed one of the tapes in the DVR (driven) EHU (element housing unit) to jump off the sprocket. Other than some minor bends in the DVR EHU copper tape, the only major issue was a hole in the top of the DVR EHU plastic housing which most likely was caused by a large bird or woodpecker.

With the antenna off the tower, it was refurbished and made back into 3 elements with minimal cost. This article is broken down into six different sections: Boom, DVR EHU, DIR EHU, REF EHU,FiberglassPoles, Reassembly, Installation and Final Testing. More

Photo 1 – Converted 2-element SteppIR