3L SteppIR Refurb 2018

In early February 2018, my converted 2-element SteppIR yagi failed. The cause of the failure was blockage by debris in the fiberglass tubes. This blockage allowed one of the tapes in the DVR (driven) EHU (element housing unit) to jump off the sprocket. Other than some minor bends in the DVR EHU copper tape, the only major issue was a hole in the top of the DVR EHU plastic housing which was caused by a woodpecker. This hole allowed water to enter the EHU and damage the stepper motor.

With the antenna off the tower, it was refurbished and made back into 3 elements for less that $100.

Photo 1 shows what the antenna looked like when it was installed in 2012 as a converted 2-element yagi. This antenna was originally purchased at Dayton in 2010 and was installed as a 3-element yagi with the 30/40 loop dipole option in October of that year. It sustained heavy damaged from Hurricane Isaac in 2012 and converted to 2 elements shortly thereafter. It worked extremely well for only being at 35′. I used it on a second radio in contests and as a spare when my primary antenna was being serviced. It was a great antenna for five years.

Photo 1 – Converted 2-element SteppIR

Below is what the antenna looks like now. I’m hoping to get many years of use from it.

Photo 2 – Refurbished 3-element SteppIR yagi antenna installed May 4, 2018

On May 6, 2018, I observed a woodpecker pecking on the wooden fence next to the tower. Measures have been taken to scare the woodpecker from the area.

Photo 3 – Woodpecker pecking on fence next to the tower. The culprit that started it all.