Updated 05/12/2013

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Getting Started on RTTY

A tutorial on how to get started operating RTTY using MMTTY as the primary program to begin your RTTY operations.

Click here for the full English version in PDF format.

Para Comenzar en RTTY en Espanol aqui.  Gracias a Juan EA3HY.

View the full HTML version here or individual HTML pages below:

Intro Page - Introduction to Getting Started on RTTY
Page 1 - Installing MMTTY
Page 2 - Running MMTTY
Page 3 - Receiving RTTY discussion
Page 4 - Receiving RTTY with MMTTY
Page 5 - Transmitting RTTY discussion
Page 6 - Transmitting AFSK with MMTTY
Page 7 - Transmitting FSK with MMTTY
Page 8 - Specifics: USB adapters, EXTFSK
Page 9 - Commercial Interfaces
Page 10 - Receive Audio Troubleshooting
Page 11 - Diddles & Transmit Troubleshooting

Additional RTTY Pages:

Detailed Instructions on Downloading & Installing MMTTY here.
RTTY Sub-bands here.
RTTY RFI Page here.
An Excellent Technical Discussion on the Advantages of Using Diddles by Kok Chen W7AY here.

For information on using MMTTY with WriteLog and the MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog, visit rttycontesting.com.